Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Last Tragedy

Title: The Last Tragedy
Author: Herb Mallette 
Year Published: 2011

Synopsis:   Jake Warbler knew his Aunt Avelia as a warrior of superhuman prowess. Noxie the half-sprite lived in awe of her sorcerous grandfather, Fingold. Now two of the world's greatest adventurers have disappeared, and it falls to their heirs to retrace their steps and understand these dark, mysterious vanishings. The only clues point to history's most famous work of unread literature: the Last Tragedy of Coeldoetta of Jueln. But the Tragedy has eluded all seekers for nearly fifteen hundred years. Can Jake and Noxie succeed where so many others have failed? And can they do so while outpacing a bloody-minded cult that seems to have undone the two most powerful figures in their lives? The Last Tragedy is a sweeping work of adventurous fantasy, set in a world of skyships and floating continents, brimming with magic and full of peril. It pits heroes of wit and skill against villains whose striking depravity will not soon leave the reader's mind.

Why?: It was free on Amazon, so I downloaded the Kindle version. Can't really pass up free books! You can always delete them if they really suck.

Expectations: I have little to no expectations for this book. I assume it's free because it's the author's first book, which means it could go either way.

Judging a book by its cover: From the cover, it appears that a girl with wings (who I assume is Noxie the half-Sprite) and a guy with a musical instrument (who I assume is Jake Warbler) are adventuring. I'm not sure why he has an instrument though... I guess it will be important to the story. Or not, who knows.


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