Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sisters Red

Title: Sisters Red
Author: Jackson Pearce
Year Published: 2010
For Scarlett and Rosie March, the world is not what it seems. Werewolves, called Fenris, live among them in the form of good-looking men who prey on pretty young girls. When a Fenris attacked the March girls, it killed their grandmother and left them emotionally and, for Scarlett, physically scarred. Since then, they have taken action and revenge. With the help of a friend, Silas, the girls are on a mission—to destroy as many Fenris as they can. This goal becomes more complicated when they try to unravel the mystery behind the pack and prevent the next "Potential" from transforming fully into a soulless, evil monster. 

Although this will be my first Jackson Pearce novel, I have followed her on youtube for the past few months and she is hilarious! She is awesome on many levels, from taking circus classes to controlling an army of talking manatees. I just hope her humor translates well into her writing.
Expectations: I expect  to laugh. I also expect this to not be a lovey dovey YA romance. It is about werewolves, and this does worry me. I have not read any of the Twilight
 books or seen any of the movies. So much YA recently has turned into love triangles and it sounds like there is only one potential love interest from the synopsis, so hopefully the story will be filled with interesting well formed characters. I am also interested in how she will portray the sisterly bond. It seems like it will be a big part of this novel and I am an only child. Maybe Ashley will connect with that aspect more when she reads this. 

Judging a book by its cover: I really like the colors on the cover. There are three characters present: the two sisters and a werewolf. The black-haired sister is blended with the werewolf so maybe she becomes a werewolf, is killed by a werewolf, or falls in love with a werewolf. This is a book I would pick up and look at because of the bold colors. 



Ok, here goes, first book!

Author: Lauren Oliver
Year Published: 2011
Lena Haloway is content in her safe, government-managed society. She feels (mostly) relaxed about the future in which her husband and career will be decided, and looks forward to turning 18, when she’ll be cured of deliria, a.k.a. love. She tries not to think about her mother’s suicide (her last words to Lena were a forbidden “I love you”) or the supposed “Invalid” community made up of the uncured just beyond her Portland, Maine, border. There’s no real point—she believes her government knows how to best protect its people, and should do so at any cost. But 95 days before her cure, Lena meets Alex, a confident and mysterious young man who makes her heart flutter and her skin turn red-hot. As their romance blossoms, Lena begins to doubt the intentions of those in power, and fears that her world will turn gray should she submit to the procedure.

Why?: I'm
all about YA dystopian novels, and this seems like a typical one. It's interesting that love is thought of as something that should be cured (like AIDS or cancer), and it's set in the US instead of on some distant planet in a parallel universe. Maybe not the most original of ideas or plot lines, but hopefully it proves to be a well written book with a different take on your typical YA love story.

Expectations: Not many expectations for this one, I haven't read anything else by this author and I haven't read many reviews about the book. Plus, it just came out like last month, so I haven't encountered anyone else who has read it or even heard of it (except Paul, of course).
Judging a book by its cover: The cover is, at first glance, pretty unassuming. Just the author and the title. Until you look at it closer... then you can see the girl's face in the letters. Oh, and when you take off the jacket, there's some girl just looking downwards. I'm hoping the book isn't as creepy as that. At least it's not something stupid like two hands holding an apple though...

Here goes nothing!

In a mystical land, far, far away...

I've been trying to write a welcome message for like three hours, but have been hung up on the title and haven't written anything. So, since I'm fairly certain nobody writes a title before they write a book (or in this case, a blog entry), I'm just going to go ahead and write this and hope that a title comes to me before I post.

Now that that rant is over, hello! Paul has basically explained what we're going to do, so I won't bore you with that again. Which means I'm not entirely sure what to write as a welcome message... Thanks, Paul.

Hopefully it won't get too confusing with both of us writing and such, but the different colors should make it easier to follow. Paul's blue, I'm green.

And, since it's July 1st, I guess that means I can officially do a post about which book I chose for this month!


(Edit: I have no idea how to change the colors. I'm such a failure at technology. I'll just be white until it decides to cooperate...)

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Once Upon A Time...

Welcome to the A P Book Club!!!

No, not Advanced Placement so if you're looking for an easy way out of reading Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment", you've come to the wrong blog. A is for Ashley. And P is for Paul. That's me. Ashley will add her own welcome message shortly.

We read...a lot...and often we end up sharing books but one of us has always already read it. We thought a book club blog would be a fun way to discuss books as we read them without actually reading the same book at the same time.

We are going to each choose one book a month and then switch! During the second half of the month we will reply to the other person's posts as we read, like we are reading the book at the same pace at the same time.

If we have extra time we will read supplemental books, but only if we have time. Both of us are students, so our time can be limited.

I am super excited to start this and we will see where this goes!!! :)