Thursday, June 30, 2011

In a mystical land, far, far away...

I've been trying to write a welcome message for like three hours, but have been hung up on the title and haven't written anything. So, since I'm fairly certain nobody writes a title before they write a book (or in this case, a blog entry), I'm just going to go ahead and write this and hope that a title comes to me before I post.

Now that that rant is over, hello! Paul has basically explained what we're going to do, so I won't bore you with that again. Which means I'm not entirely sure what to write as a welcome message... Thanks, Paul.

Hopefully it won't get too confusing with both of us writing and such, but the different colors should make it easier to follow. Paul's blue, I'm green.

And, since it's July 1st, I guess that means I can officially do a post about which book I chose for this month!


(Edit: I have no idea how to change the colors. I'm such a failure at technology. I'll just be white until it decides to cooperate...)

(Edit 2.0: FIXED IT...)

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