Monday, December 31, 2012

Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott - Ashley's Review

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As a math major, I really enjoyed this book. It introduced the concept of multiple dimensions without sounding too much like a textbook, and romanticized geometry without straying too far from actual facts.

I thought the personification of the shapes and lines and points was very well done. I especially enjoyed the sections where A. Square explains how two dimensional shapes see, hear, move, and live. Although it could be slow at times, it really helped to visualize how creatures of other dimensions might behave. Especially those of a fourth dimension, since we live in a three dimensional world.

The book is highly conceptual, and while I think that someone who isn't well versed in math or theory could enjoy this book, I think that someone with at least basic understand of shapes, dimensions, and theory would come away with more. I would give this book a 4/5 though, and recommend it to all of my nerd friends, and anyone who might be interested in learning a little something about math through a fictional medium.


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