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Surrender by Rhiannon Paille - Ashley's Review

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I'm not usually a fan of romance novels, and I was really hoping that this one be more magic and mystery and pending apocalypse than romance. Sadly, I was mistaken. Although as far as romances go, at least this one was manageable! 

I think I was a little disappointed in this book because it was so much romance. Girl meets boy, girl and boy fall in love, girl and boy can't be together, etc. Kaliel is kind of annoying, and I really didn't connect with her on any level. She comes across as worthless unless Krishani is around, and it was disappointing that she had no other character development until the last couple of chapters. Her character has so much potential! I mean, she's one of nine apocalyptic weapons for crying out loud.

Which was another gripe I had about this book. I still have no idea what the Flames are, or why they're being hunted, or how they can be used apocalyptic weapons. At least I know what the Ferryman does... but at the same time, I have no idea why Krishani is chosen to be the Ferryman. Is he born into that responsibility? Is he randomly chosen? A lot of the world building/background is really missing from this book, and that made me very sad.

For being a romance novel though, this book did at least keep my attention. I wanted to finish it to find out if Kaliel and Krishani ended up together. And I also wanted to find out more about the Flames and the Ferryman, but you already know my thoughts on that subject. The romance was a little forced (I'm not a huge fan of "love at first sight" plot lines), but I think it ended up working out in the end. Well... as much as their story could work out. I hope there's more to it though, because that ending was definitely a tear-jerker. I am glad she went with the ending she did instead of the alternate one though, because the alternate ending was just terrible.

I'm not really sure how there will be a sequel to this book, or even a whole series, but I want the sequel to be better. I want Paille to delve deeper into the fantasy side of this world and to stay away from the romance. I want to know more about the Flames and the Ferryman and what happened to Kaliel, and how Krishani will deal with his newfound career! Oh, and more about the world. Please give us more world-building!

Since most of my issues with this book were because it was a romance, and I didn't really dislike it except for that, I would rate this book as a 3/5. People who enjoy the romance genre and want a little bit of magic and such thrown in would probably like this book. But don't go into it thinking it's going to be fantasy with a side of romance - you'll be sorely disappointed. I would suggest giving it a try anyway though, because you never know. Maybe you'll fall in love with Kaliel and Krishani and their world!


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