Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Things About Love by Jackson Pearce - Paul's REVIEW

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Title: Things About Love
Author: Jackson Pearce
Year Published: 2012

Synopsis: A short story set three years after the events of AS YOU WISH!
Lawrence has spent the last three years dealing with the presence of the jinn-- a consequence of his best friend falling in love with one back in high school. Worried he'll reveal their presence to the world, the jinn send a rotating set of guards to watch him. He's just learning to ignore their constant presence when a jinn named Juliet gets herself assigned to his post. Juliet is a determined to learn about love, a strange concept to most jinn, and Lawrence is going to help her-- like it or not.

Review: Jackson Pearce's writing is always fun to read. There's a sincerity and humor to it. I really liked As You Wish, so I was excited to read this short story set three years later. The protagonist is Lawrence, who was one of my favorite characters from the novel. It's nice to see the story from his perspective. A new jiin is introduced as well. Juliet is researching love. The college interactions are done well, reminding me of my own college years. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has read As You Wish. I'll give this short story a 4/5.


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