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End Dayz (The Hitchiker Strain #0.5) by Kellie Sheridan - Ashley's Review

*I received this novella as an eARC from Patchwork Press on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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Title: End Dayz

Author: Kellie Sheridan
Year Published: 2013

My Mortality Review

Synopsis: It's a month after the dead first began to walk. The miracle vaccine that was supposed to save us all has failed.

Now, four teens fight to stay alive as a stronger, smarter breed of zombie begins to appear, threatening to end humanity for good.


Review: I was really excited when I saw that there was a prequel short story collection for Sheridan's Hitchiker Strain series. The zombies were different and interesting, and I have been wanting to learn more about the world she created. I also absolutely love seeing things from minor characters perspectives, so this collection was absolutely fantastic for me. 

There's a little bit of background that's hinted at in Mortality but never really explained that really makes everything come together so much more cohesively. We get to see things that happen to Alex before he even meets Savannah and her friends, and we see how Pierce ends up in the US in the first place. And then there's  Zach and his adventures in the high school when it was being cleared, and Belle before her father took charge of the remaining survivors. I really enjoyed seeing things through their eyes, since they're all so radically different from Savannah and Zarah, and even each other.

The plot isn't really anything terribly exciting, but the expansion of the world and the characters makes this a must read for anyone who was read and loved Mortality. It's almost enough to tide me over until the next book in the series is released! I would give this collection a 3/5, although I do hope that we get more like this as the story progresses. Anyone who loves zombies and zombie culture should definitely check out this series!


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