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Under Nameless Stars (Zenn Scarlett #2) by Christian Schoon - Ashley's Pre-Reading

*I received this book as an eARC from Strange Chemistry/Angry Robot on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

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Title: Under Nameless Stars (Zenn Scarlett #2)
Author: Christian Schoon
Publication Date: April 1, 2014

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Zenn Scarlett’s novice year of exoveterinarian training on Mars isn’t quite going to plan…

After facing a plot to destroy her school and its menagerie of alien patients, could things get worse? Yes, they could: her absent father has been kidnapped.

Desperate to find him, Zenn stows away aboard the Helen of Troy, a starliner powered by one of the immense, dimension-jumping beasts known as Indra. With her is Liam Tucker, a Martian boy who is either very fond of her, very dangerous to her, or both. On the verge of learning the truth about her father, Zenn’s quest suddenly catapults her and Liam thousands of light years beyond known space, and into the dark heart of a monstrous conspiracy.

Braving a gauntlet of lethal environments and unearthly life forms, Zenn’s courage is tested as never before. With the fate of entire worlds in the balance, she is racing headlong into trouble… again.

Why?: I really enjoyed the first book in this series, and I've been eagerly awaiting this sequel. I can't wait to find out more about Zenn Scarlett, what happened to her father, the alien species that she cares for, and answers to all sorts of questions I had after the first book. Ever since I realized that Zenn Scarlett was the introduction to a whole series and not a standalone novel, I've been really excited to continue Zenn's story. 

Expectations: Since I loved the first book so much, I've got pretty high expectations for this sequel. I'm also hoping for more mystery and adventure, but more resolution than the first book had. Also, probably a little romance! And lots of cool alien animals and space technology. I'm really looking forward to seeing Zenn grow and mature even more as well. 

Judging a book by its cover: I absolutely adore everything about this cover. The colors of space and all the stars are gorgeous, and I love the look on Zenn's face as she looks out over all of it. I liked the cover of Zenn Scarlett quite a bit, but I think this one is even better. It's just so gorgeous! I would definitely stop and pick this book up off of a shelf if I saw it in a bookstore or somewhere. 


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