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BLOG TOUR: Horror Business by Ryan Craig Bradford - Ashley's Review + GIVEAWAY!

Happy Tuesday! Today we're excited to be a part of the blog tour for Ryan Craig Bradford's Horror Business, out now from Month9Books, LLC! Ashley has her review for you, and there's also a giveaway. So be sure to enter via the Rafflecopter form at the end of this post!

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About the Book

Title: Horror Business
Publication date: February 2015
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.
Author: Ryan Craig Bradford

Purchase Link: Amazon

Synopsis: Armed with a passion for classic B-grade horror movies, a script co-written by his twin brother, and a wicked crush on his death-obsessed neighbor; hardcore horror fan Jason Nightshade must finish his student film.

But his plans are derailed when the children of suburban Silver Creek start disappearing – his twin brother among them. Battling a possessed video camera, a crazy zombie dog, a monstrous bully, and a frighteningly broken down family life, Jason embarks on a mission to find his lost brother so the two can write an ending for his story.

As any horror fan knows, saving the day won’t be easy, as Jason finds himself forced to face the real world where death isn’t just a splash of fake blood on a camera lens.

About the Author

Ryan grew up in Park City, Utah. His fiction has appeared in Quarterly West, Paper Darts, Vice, Monkeybicycle and [PANK]. He currently lives in San Diego where he acts as Creative Director for the nonprofit literary arts organization So Say We All. He’s the co-editor of the anthology Last Night on Earth and founder of the literary horror journal, Black Candies.

Connect with the Author: Website | Twitter

Ashley's Review

I'm not really sure what I was expecting when I started reading Horror Business, but I definitely got something completely unexpected. I mean, I figured it was going to be an intense story with a kid who just cannot catch a break. But the whole book was way...stranger?...than I thought it might be. Which is not necessarily a bad thing! 

This book is very much broken up. Jason switches between talking about his brother and his zombie dog (yes, an actual zombie dog that has died and come back to life and eats brains), his broken home life, the girl he likes, the movie he's trying to finish, and pretty much every other thing happening in his life over the course of (I think) several weeks. It's crazy and weird and written almost like a screen play with stage directions and acts and all of that jazz. 

Despite all of the weird things that happen in this book - I think there's a supernatural entity that's capturing the kids and... I'm not really sure what it's doing with them, actually - it kept me engaged and I found myself staying awake longer than I probably should have to read more. I had to know what was going to happen next and if it was all a dream or just the script for a homemade B-movie, but I still honestly have no idea.

I would say that this book is for older audiences though since it is a little scary and gory and there are a couple steamier scenes. Overall, this was a really interesting read and although I'm still not entirely sure what happened, I would totally still recommend it to anyone looking for a horror novel that's way out in left field. I think I'll probably do a re-read eventually, just to see if I can figure things out more. I'd give this book a 3.5/5 and am looking forward to reading whatever Ryan Craig Bradford has up his sleeves next! 

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