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BLOG TOUR: Strange Country Day by Charles Curtis - Guest Post + GIVEAWAY!

Hello! Today, we're happy to be hosting Charles Curtis as part of the blog tour for his new book, Strange Country Day. Charles stopped by to give us his Top Ten Superheroes, and we've also got a giveaway for you, so be sure to enter via the Rafflecopter form at the end of this post!

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About the Book

Title: Strange Country Day
Author: Charles Curtis
Publication Date: August 18, 2015
Publisher: Tantrum Books/Month9Books, LLC.

Synopsis: Alexander Graham Ptuiac, the son of an inventor, wants to play for the school’s football team. During tryouts, and under the watchful eye of the team’s coach, he suddenly manifests mysterious superhuman powers. Alexander makes the team, but not before the some ill-intended adults take notice, putting his life in danger.
Alex struggles to suppress and control his strange new abilities, worried about exposing his secret and being kicked off the football team. Then he befriends Dex, a diminutive classmate who can somehow jump as high as ten feet in the air. Seems Alex isn’t the only one at school with a secret.

As the school year unfolds, Alex will find himself the target of bullies, holding hands with his first crush and discovering the shocking truth about himself and his parents.

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About the Author

Charles Curtis is a writer and journalist based in New York City. He has reported and written for publications including (where he is currently the site’s sports buzz reporter), The Daily,, ESPN the Magazine, Bleacher Report, TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly. Charles has covered the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, golf, tennis and NASCAR. He has also written about television, film and pop culture.

In addition, Curtis has also written, produced and was featured in videos for and The Daily. He has made radio appearances on stations including 92.9 The Ticket in Bangor, Maine, WLIE 540 AM in Long Island and on morning shows across Canada via the CBC.
He can be reached on Twitter: @charlescurtis82.

Connect with the Author: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Charles' Top Ten Superheroes

Full disclosure: Up until a few years ago, I had a collection of comic books that numbered in four figures, all neatly stored in pristine clear bags and acid-free white boards (I sold them to make room in my New York City apartment for my now one-year-old son). I also spent much of my teenage years reading science fiction and fantasy along with re-watching “Star Wars.” It turned out investing all that time and money wasn’t a waste – they became part of the inspiration for my new novel, “Strange Country Day,” a middle grade sports/fantasy/science fiction novel about a group of seventh graders who suddenly find out they have special abilities. So I’d like to share with you a list of my top ten favorite superheroes. Why mine? You’ve read enough lists that end with Superman at No. 1.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @charlescurtis82 to discuss and debate!

1. Wolverine: What isn’t there to love? A fantastic power (super-fast healing), razor-sharp claws that pop up at the moment you know he’s about to kick butt, some of the best one-liners of all time and a murky origin story to add an air of mystery.  A near-perfect combination.

2. Luke Skywalker: Not a superhero, you say? Here’s a kid who turns out to have the powers of the Force and who is brave enough to take on a galactic empire. Works for me.  

3. Jean Grey: You’ll notice some similarities in “Strange Country Day” to the X-Men, my absolute all-time favorite series. That’s no coincidence. I especially loved Jean Grey, whose telepathy and telekinesis were awe-inspiring, but who had the greatest character arcs (she died and was reborn for crying out loud!) of any superhero. 

4. Batman: An obvious choice. Who doesn’t love the tale of a really strong, really rich, really smart superhero with the best gadgets his endless cash can buy?

5. Spider-Man: Another obvious choice, but he’s especially close to my heart because he’s a fellow journalist.

6. Doctor Manhattan: “Watchmen” isn’t just a comic book series, it’s a piece of literary fiction. And the god-like being at the center of it is one of those rich, intricate, once-in-a-lifetime characters whose unique perspective (he can see the past, present and future simultaneously) becomes a commentary on human life.

7. Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law: I spent a lot of time in college watching and re-watching early animated Adult Swim shows like this one, which transformed Hanna-Barbera cartoons into sarcastic, side-splitting dark comedies with a bizarre sense of humors. The voice actors included Gary Cole and some guy named Stephen Colbert.

8. Ninjak: I was so blown away by the cover of Ninjak No. 1 that I became a stuttering fanboy when I met the artist, Joe Quesada, who is now an executive at Marvel Comics. Just look at it and tell me it doesn’t belong in a museum. Oh, and as for the superhero himself, I don’t remember anything about him. But the cover is just that amazing that he belongs on this list. 

9. The Terminator (AKA: T-800): No special powers here except for being a really, ridiculously cool time-traveling cyborg in human clothing (and skin) that helps fight the Resistance. A different kind of superhero whose story had a huge influence on me as a teenager. 

10. The Incredibles: “Strange Country Day” focuses on some of the same themes: How hard is it to be a parent of a kid with special abilities? Can a teenager lead a “normal” life with powers? This legendary Pixar flick did it first. 

So, who is your favorite superhero? Let us know in the comments! 

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