Thursday, November 5, 2015

COVER REVEAL: A Hole in the Sea (The Weather Caster Saga #2) by McCallum J. Morgan + Artwork + GIVEAWAY!

Title: A Hole in the Sea (Weather Caster Saga #2)
Author: McCallum J. Morgan
Publication Date: January 2016

Synopsis: As the chase continues into the extraordinary seascape of a mysterious ocean, where sea monsters reign, deadly mermaids hunt, and pirates skulk, Parsifal learns that staying alive on the high seas is no easy task; especially when being hunted down by the vengeful and determined Lady Vasille.

As beautiful, deadly, and driven as ever, Lady Vasille will stop at nothing to retrieve the compass and the power it contains.

In this fantastically wrought, nautical fantasy adventure, McCallum J. Morgan transports the reader into a truly magical realm.

Available on all eBook platforms and paperback from January 2016.

A Hole in The Sea’ is the second book of ‘The Weather Caster Saga

Book One is available on Amazon worldwide in eBook and paperback: 

Not only does McCallum write incredible books, he's also a very talented artist! Check out this amazing oil paintings he did:

Davy Jones, the Sea Monster

The Scylla

The Giveaway!

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