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The Dystopia Chronicles (Atopia #2) (audiobook) - Paul's REVIEW

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Title: The Dystopia Chronicles (Atopia #2)
Author: Matthew Mather
Year Published: 2014

Narrator: Nick Podehl
Audiobook Length: 11 hours 19 minutes

MY REVIEW of The Atopia Chronicles

Synopsis: Cast out from Atopia, Robert Baxter undertakes a globe-trotting quest to find his friend Willy's lost body, which just may hold the key to understanding the dangers facing his home and Jimmy Scadden's role in the disasters that are spreading across the world.

As Robert pieces together the puzzle, he realizes that mankind's ravenous consumption of natural resources is no longer the most immediate threat to this world. As full-scale global war erupts and an ancient apocalyptic threat resurfaces, Robert must risk losing the ones he loves to save the planet from destruction.


Review: This book has a different feel than the first. The first was completely a sci-fi novel, showing the possibility of technologies in the future. This book has some fantastical elements and confusing spiritual things. There's an Apocalyptic prediction and I won't reveal how that goes, but I just didn't get the thought-provoking sci-fi feel I got from the first one. If The Atopia Chronicles was about technology and sociology, The Dystopia Chronicles is about humanity and mythology.

Religion is very present in this novel. All opinions of religion are showed from the far skeptic to the priest. This story is far more fantastical than its processor.

I give this novel a 3/5. I enjoyed it, but definitely not as much as the first book. The ending is interesting, but it's a very slow way to get there. 


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