Friday, May 13, 2016

The Burning Hand (The Orphan Queen #0.3 novella) by Jodi Meadows - Paul's REVIEW

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Title: The Burning Hand (The Orphan Queen #0.3)

Author: Jodi Meadows

Paul's Review of THE ORPHAN QUEEN

Recent Release Date: December 1, 2015

Synopsis: The city of Skyvale's problems have reached the palace. Told from the perspective of Tobiah, the crown prince with a dangerous secret, and set two years before the heart-racing action of The Orphan Queen, this 100-page digital novella brings to life one of Jodi Meadows's most beloved characters.

Tobiah Pierce is no longer simply a prince. He wanted to be more and do more after he watched his tutor's brutal murder and uncovered a plot that threatens the safety of Skyvale. With the help of his cousin, James, and the guidance of a girl who knows her way around the city's rooftops, Tobiah is gaining confidence in his new role. He can no longer be just a witness to the evils occurring in his city, but is he willing to risk his reputation—and maybe even his life—to make things right?

The Burning Hand is the third of four prequel novellas that offer existing fans a deeper insight into a favorite character and the complex city of Skyvale, while new readers will find a stunning introduction to this rich world and the heart-pounding fantasy of the Orphan Queen series.


I really enjoy when YA series include novellas between the releases of their books. It ties the reader over and allows them to keep in the world of the series. These novellas focus on Tobiah and are prequels to the series. 

James takes on a little more of a focus in this novella. Tobiah is still learning how to operate as a vigilante. He tries to balance being the Black Knife and his responsibilities as an heir. I give this novella a 5/5.


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