Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Wormworld Saga Free Comic Book Day 2018 - Paul's REVIEW

The Wormworld Saga Free Comic Book Day 2018Amazon | Goodreads

The Wormworld Saga Free Comic Book Day 2018
Creator: Daniel Lieske 

Synopsis: Enter the Wormworld, at the very beginning. A mysterious painting. A wooden sword. A hidden world. A time before conflict. Two friends in search of magic and adventure. This is how the saga begins. This exciting all-new prequel to Daniel Lieske's hugely popular webcomic The Wormworld Saga will entice new fans in time for the series' first US print release in May 2018, and tantalize existing readers with hints at secrets yet to be revealed.


Review: I picked this comic up on Free Comic Book Day this year. I had obtained a review copy of the first volume of The Wormworld Saga so I figured I would see what this comic was about.

This issue is a prequel to the main story of the series. It establishes some of the background behind the paintings used to travel to the different world. It was cool to get some backstory even before I read the first volume.

I give this issue a 4/5. It's pretty simple and short, but a great intro into this lush creative world.


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