Monday, January 30, 2012

"A person who thought he knew everything simply didn’t understand how much there was to know."

I'm catching up! It's about time...

In case you missed it, My Pre-Reading.

I was really not looking forward to this book, except for the fact that it was the last in this series. I hated Lina and Doon going into it, and although I didn't hate them as much by the end, I still wasn't a huge fan of them. If I had been from Ember or from Sparks, they would just piss me off every time they left to go on some ridiculous adventure. Like good grief, if you think Ember still has supplies, tell the adults and let them get it together to go. Then maybe Doon wouldn't bust his ankle up. You could still search for your little diamond without telling everyone. 

Also, although the family living underground I guess added the whole conflict in this novel, it just seemed really pushed. Like HEY HERE'S THIS FAMILY HERE. Oh, I didn't need any help to escape, they're pretty stupid. If you had taken some adults with you, THEY WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN A PROBLEM. Or at least they wouldn't have been as big of a problem. And poor Scwago, they treated him so badly I couldn't believe Sparks even let them stay. Did I mention I hate the people of Sparks too? They're so annoying and two faced. "We don't want to help the Emberites, but we'll let this family who beat up Doon and treated Scwago like dirt join us!" Awesome.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate this book as much as The People of Sparks. It wasn't as good as The Prophet of Yonwood, but The Diamond of Darkhold did have its moments. And it finally tied everything together. Although it was a little farfetched. ALIENS did it! They came to inspect our planet because we contacted them hundreds of years ago, but then everything was destroyed because we have to fight each other! But now they can go home and report that Earth is recovering!

Ridiculous. And unnecessary.

And the characters didn't grow up at all. They were still the same annoying children who left Ember. You'd think over 4 books, they would have grown up and matured and learned a couple of lessons... but no. Which is kind of disappointing.

I would give this book a 3/5, I think, for having its moments. Also for tying the series together. But not any higher because of the lack of character and plot depth, and for being way under my reading level. But now I'm finally done with The Books of Ember! I feel a little better about myself.


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