Wednesday, January 25, 2012

“... WICKED is good."

My Pre-Reading

I read this book so long ago, I'm not really sure what to write about it. So probably not very many spoilers, although I'm sure I'll ruin some part of the book for anyone who hasn't read it yet.

I thought that The Death Cure was a very nice conclusion to the trilogy. The ending was a little far-fetched (hey, here's some land that we cut off from ALL CIVILIZATION where you can live free of Cranks and the Flare because nobody knows it exists!), but it seemed almost plausible that there was an emergency back-up plan in case WICKED's plot to fix overpopulation backfired and killed everyone.

I was a little sad about Teresa dying, but she's kind of been on the fence for me since the second novel. I mean, I know she was being controlled by WICKED and all, but come on. Tom is your best friend. Give the kid a break. Speaking of which, he can never catch one. Oh hey, you're immune! But your best friend Newt isn't. So he's going to die. And you're going to be the one to kill him. Hey, you can get your memories back! But wait no, nevermind, that means WICKED just gets to play in your head some more, and you will remember every bad thing that you helped WICKED do. Oh, and by the way, you can't have both Brenda and Teresa, because right as you're about to think about making up with Teresa, she's going to die!

Poor kid, I don't even remember every other awful thing that happened to him because of WICKED.

Although all of the characters were pretty well developed from the first two novels, I think Minho and Tom have continued to grow. And characters like Brenda and Jorge who were introduced in The Scorch Trials were also given more depth and had more of an active role. Who would have guessed that they were agents of WICKED? Well, probably everyone but me, but that's besides the point. Everything is WICKED's fault and doing. They're worse than Big Brother.

Overall, I would definitely give this book a 4/5. I would, and have, recommend this series to any fans of dystopian YA novels, and I'm actually looking forward to the prequel coming out within the next year or so. I'm also pretty sure these books would make an epic movie series.


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