Monday, February 6, 2012

"It was love because it was worth it."

My Pre-Reading

I really enjoyed reading The Future of Us. I thought the basic idea behind it - that two teenagers could see their futures via Facebook, which hadn't even been invented in 1996 - was very interesting. Especially since I totally remember 1996 and the AOL cds, AIM, dial-up internet, Oasis... And it's also kind of cool knowing about everything they mention in 2011 too.

I'm also pretty much a sucker for a book that switches perspectives, especially if it's well done. And I think having two authors made this one even better. Having a conflict between two best friends that neither is willing to talk about or even think about also 
made this book even more intriguing. Apart from having to figure out how the present will affect the future, the reader is left wondering what in the world happened between Emma and Josh that caused their friendship to splinter so much.

Although I feel like the plot wasn't anything spectacular past the underlying idea of seeing your future through Facebook, I felt like the characters and their development more than made up for any lack of plot. Even the minor characters had quite a bit of depth to them, which is fairly unusual in YA novels. Usually it's like "Oh hey, these are the people you need to care about. These other people don't really matter so they don't get any development whatsoever." But Emma & Josh's other friends, Kellan and Tyson, actually get to develop some on their own.

Overall, this book had some really nice elements. I think certain parts could have been a little better, but nothing major. I'd give this book a 4/5, and would for sure recommend it to pretty much everyone. Go read it!


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