Monday, February 27, 2012

Ashley's March Book: PANDEMONIUM

You guys, I am so excited for this book. So excited that I didn't even want to wait until March to write up this post. It doesn't even come out until tomorrow... Good thing I pre-ordered it on Amazon and will have it by tomorrow afternoon!

Title: Pandemonium
Author: Lauren Oliver
Year Published: 2012

Synopsis:   After escaping from Portland, Maine, Lena makes it to the Wilds and becomes part of an Invalid community, where she transforms herself into a warrior for the resistance. A future without Alex is unimaginable, but Lena pushes forward and fights, both for him and for a world in which love is no longer considered a disease. Swept up in a volatile mix of revolutionaries and counterinsurgents, Lena struggles to survive—and wonders if she may be falling in love again.

Why?: The first book I picked for this blog was Delirium, and I absolutely loved it. I've been waiting for this sequel for like 6 months, and I am so excited that it's finally (almost) out! If you haven't read Delirium yet, go read it now.

Expectations: I have such high expectations for this book. I expect Lena to be epic, and I expect her experiences in the Invalid community to have completely changed her. I'm really hoping Alex come back, but I'm not sure he will. Or that he'll even be good for Lena anymore. And Hana. I want her to come back and be awesome too, but I'm pretty sure she won't because of what happened in Hana.

Judging a book by its cover: I assume the girl on the front is supposed to be Lena, and it looks like she's more mature and ready to take on the world now. Also, flowers might be important? 

I serisously can't wait. 


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