Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells - Ashley's Pre-Reading

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Title: The Time Machine
Author: H.G. Wells
Year Published: 1895

When the Time Traveler courageously stepped out of his machine for the first time, he found himself in the year 802,700 -- and everything had changed. H.G. Wells's famous novel of one man's astonishing journey beyond the conventional limits of the imagination is regarded as one of the great masterpieces in the literature of science fiction.

Why?: I enjoyed some of H.G. Wells' other works (like The Island of Dr. Moreau), and decided that I should give this classic a try. I mean, how can I say that I enjoy sci fi novels if I haven't even read this one?! Plus, it's free for Kindle. Hooray!

Expectations: I expect a heavy science fiction novel. Time travel, and skeptics, and all sorts of new creatures and places. Probably quite a bit of technical writing to explain time travel, but who knows. Oh, and a lot of words I don't know because I don't speak 1895. 

Judging a book by its cover: This is another book with so many different covers. Some of them, I absolutely love. Other ones are pretty boring. It would completely depend on which one was in the store or library, but I would probably pick this up if it was one of most of the covers. 


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