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First Kiss (Confessions of a 16-Year-Old Virgin Lips #1) by Cindy M. Hogan - Ashley's Review

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Title: First Kiss (Confessions of a 16-Year-Old Virgin Lips #1)
Author: Cindy M. Hogan
Year Published: 2013

VL. Virgin Lips. You may not have heard of it, but where I live, it's a thing with a card, even if it is a figurative card. I was Brooklyn Hamlin, certified virgin lips, and I planned on clinging to that figurative card with all I had--while dating as many of the hottest guys at school as I could.

Maybe that's a bit strange. I mean, what teenage girl isn't interested in kissing? Locking lips definitely interested me, but the drama that came with it didn't. No kissing, no drama. Simple.

But on my sixteenth birthday, on my first real date even, the drama found me. His name was Luke Graham--cute, funny, and bad news for the whole female race.


Review: This little novella was free on Amazon for Kindle for a little bit, and it sounded like a cute little story about high school romance so I got it. And it was pretty much exactly that. The main character is a little strange, but I kind of figured that going into it. 

Brooklyn is your typical teen girl in that she has friends, they hang out, she does after-school activities, and she wants to date all the hottest boys in school. Where she's different is that she isn't allowed to date until she's 16 (she's a good little Mormon girl), and her dates must all be group dates. This might be typical of teens in the LDS church, but I didn't relate to that part of the story or Brooklyn's character because I have no experience there. 

I do not blame her at all for wanting to avoid drama in high school, so I totally felt her on that one because I was pretty much the same way. It's so much better when you can just enjoy your friends and your activities instead of having to worry about if your boyfriend is going to break up with you for the next pretty girl who comes along or if some girl is going to fight you because she's jealous. So you go, girl. Avoid the drama! 

The plot moves pretty quickly and is fairly simple, so there's not too much extra fluff or anything. If you're looking for a quick little contemporary romance, I think this would be a good choice. It's well written and most things I didn't know about concerning the LDS church were explained well enough that I didn't dwell on not knowing from personal experience. There are more stories in this series, but I don't know if I will be continuing to read them. 2.5/5 from me. 


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