Monday, October 21, 2013

The Witch's Betrayal (The Assassin's Curse #0.6) by Cassandra Rose Clarke - Paul's Review

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Title: The Witch's Betrayal
Author: Cassandra Rose Clarke
Year Published: 2013

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Ashley's REVIEW of The Assassin's Curse

Synopsis: An e-book original short story set before The Assassin's Curse.

You've read The Assassin’s Curse. You've met Naji. Now go back in time and see Naji in his earlier years, as he seeks a target and ends up clashing with Leila, the river witch.

Review: This is the story of how the assassin Naji acquired his scarred appearance. It was nice to see this world from his perspective although we only saw one city. I'd like to see more about the Order. 

I liked seeing his blood magic from his own perspective, inside his head. It was also cool to see him slipping into the shadows. 

I give this short story a 4/5 and think you should definitely read it if you like the series. I wouldn't suggest reading this short story first though.


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