Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Enemies are the price of honour."

Finished Debt of Bones today!

Although it starts out kind of slow, the novella picks up fairly quickly once the main character (Abby) is introduced and somewhat established. Taking place in the midst of war and before the birth of Richard, Kahlan, and Darken Rahl, the story reveals to readers of the "Sword of Truth" series how the boundaries between the Midlands, D'Hara, and Westland. It also serves to give a picture of Zedd as a young man, and to give further insight into his life.

I had fairly high expectations of Debt of Bones before reading it, and I'd say it lived up to most of them (once it got going). Although not action packed, the characters are well-defined and quickly developed. Especially for a novella.

And now on to the next book, before Paul can finish his first!


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