Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sisters Red (Review)

I have finally finished "Sisters Red"!
Here are links to my last two blog posts about this book:
Before Reading

I enjoyed this book. It was a nice take on a classic fairy-tale. Pearce added mythology and character to a bland story about staying on the path. My mother teaches preschool and uses the Little Red Riding Hood story at the beginning of the year to get her 3-year-olds to stay in line. This novel addresses each person's path, but not necessarily how to stay on them but to question them. Scarlett has her path of hunting and Rosie comes to terms with her feelings toward the hunting lifestyle. Pearce did a wonderful job of portraying both sisters' perspectives. 

SPOILERS (Ashley, you don't read anymore until you have finished this novel)

I really liked how the traditionally helpless Little Red Riding Hood wields the ax. The ending was unfortunately happy. I guess I am fine with everyone surviving, but the way Pearce wrote it I was not sure if there would be a happy ending until the church bells rang. I enjoyed the use of Plato's cave throughout the novel. Silas did end up being the Potentail, just as I initially suspected. 

Overall, I liked this book and will probably read more of Jackson Pearce's works. Her videos are amazing! Here is a link to her youtube channel: JacksonAPearce .


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