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Paul's The Book of the Night Review and GIVEAWAY

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REVIEW: This book! So, I enjoyed the first two in this series. They were nice fantasy stories that involved interesting societies with some cool gender roles. The magic and the science were one in the same. There were "Ancients", but I didn't put much thought into them other than a ruined society of high technology. This book completely blew my mind away!

Before I get to why this book is way more than a solid 5/5, I'll go through the basics. 

The characters are all fully developed. There is not one true protagonist. I loved the way North would switch the perspective mid scene or even mid conversation at some points. You got to see how the other side of the conversation is thinking, even if they are not saying it. 

The story may have not had a linear path, but the storytelling was done so well. Each character had their own solution to the world's problems and we got to follow all the paths. My favorite of the stories was Po's. He had come from this female dominated society and he had learned of gender equality in the last books. He is again in the female dominated society. 

The pen. It is so amazing. The way North revealed what is was and the different ways it was used were so interesting. What would you do if you could write anything down and it would immediately come true?

It is really hard to pinpoint the genre of this. I really like books like that. There's some sci-fi, some high fantasy, some dystopia, and some thought provoking amazingness. 

It is very hard to write this review without spoiling it. I can only say that this book really bends reality. It reminded me of The Neverending Story. It questions the most basic ideas of existence. What is real? Why is it real? 

The only way you can experience such a mind blown feeling, like I had when I finished this book, is to read it! If you haven't read the other books in the Libyrinth series, you should! They are both pretty good fantasy stories, but this third installment blows them away!

If you like reading, and books, and reading books you should read this book series! 5/5


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What is your favorite last book in a series?



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  2. Return of the King (LOTR) or Deathly Hallows (HP#7)

  3. Deathly Hallows was definitely s good one!