Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Paul's The Shadow Cats Review

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Title: The Shadow Cats
Author: Rae Carson
Year Published: 2012

Review: This is a really nice prequel novella. The Crown of Embers comes out today. Unfortunately I am on a boat and won't be able to read it immediately. I pre-ordered it from Amazon, so it will be at my house waiting for me when I get home. 

This novella takes place before A Girl of Fire and Thorns. That means all the character progression Elisa goes through hasn't happened yet. The protagonist is her older sister, Alodia. I like how we get to see Alodia's opinion of her younger sister. 

I am glad I read this now because it reminded me of this very interesting world Carson has created. It reminded me of many of the characters as well as the godstone and the animagus. 

If you are planning on reading The Crown of Embers and have not yet read this, I suggest that you do!


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