Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Paul's Girl of Nightmares Review

I finally finished reading the last few chapters! I read most of this book so fast, but got stuck on the end. So, I have another work project starting tomorrow! I'll be on a dredge in Texas. I don't know yet whether this will mean more or less reading. I have brought plenty of books to occupy me for the whole 25 to 30 days this project is slated for. 

My Pre Reading
Ashley's Review

Kendare Blake does an excellent job of painting the outline of a picture that my imagination fills in with gruesome imagery. There were many parts in this book in which I had very detailed pictures in my head. Many of them were Anna's appearances to Cas. The Suicide Forest was also very creepy. 

I like the way Blake dealt with "Hell" and the afterlife. It was all very vague, letting the reader interpret it however he or she liked. Some characters referred to it in their own way, but not even The Order knew specifics about the afterlife. 

I almost always enjoy sequels more than their predecessors. I already have a grasp on the world and the characters. This was, again, the case for this book. The world was enriched and the characters developed more. I liked the new character of Jestine. She is a kickbutt chick playing for only her own team.

Most books make up their own brand names or simply do not mention chain restaurants. Blake used many brand names and wonderful pop culture references. I really enjoyed them. 

One thing I did not understand was how these high school students just leave school all the time. I understand having a lunch break, but it seemed like almost everyday they just walked off campus halfway through the day.  

I believe this is the last book in this series. I guess that makes sense, considering the series on goodreads is simply called "Anna". I would love to read more novels following Cas and his friends' adventures, but this was a solid end to the duology. 

This book was a creepy, gory, fun sequel to an equally scary book. I give this book a 4/5. If you haven't read Anna Dressed in Blood and enjoy horror/thriller and YA, you must! And then once you finish and love that book, you must read this as well!


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