Friday, February 8, 2013

Asunder by Jodi Meadows - Paul's Review

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My ASUNDER pre-reading

Title: Asunder (Newsoul #2)
Author: Jodi Meadows
Year Published: 2013

Review: Jodi Meadows does an amazing job yet again. The world she has created is so interesting. I love when books present questions and while reading both Incarnate and Asunder, I had so many questions and thoughts on the world. Because of the concluding events of Incarnate, it is unknown whether there will be more Newsouls and whether all those that died are gone forever, Darksouls. What is Janan? And, what are his/its intentions?

One of my favorite new characters was Cris. I like how the people of this world have been both male and female over different lifetimes so same-sex pairings are common place. I like Cris as a gardener and his "blue flowers". 

Music! Meadows writes about music so well. You can really tell she is a musician herself. The way the instruments are described and the details of warming up on arpeggios and scales make it all the more realistic. She even describes the temperature outside changing the pitch of the notes. 

Meadows also does an excellent job in writing romantic scenes. There is one point in the book where there is an almost "intimate" moment and I really liked the way it was written. 

I want more of this world! In Asunder, you learn more about sylphs and phoenixes. I hope in the next book we get to learn more about other creatures, especially dragons and centaurs. I expect we will venture outside of Heart and Range in the conclusion of the trilogy. 

This was an excellent sequel. It is thought provoking, with concepts of reincarnation and love. I give this novel a 5/5! I suggest Incarnate and Asunder to everyone! If you like YA, read it! If you like fantasy, read it! If you like sci-fi, read it! If you like reading, read it!


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