Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Incarnate Review

I finished this minutes ago! 

If You Have NOT read it: Amazing. I loved this book. The pure concept of this book is intriguing on its own. There is a finite number of souls and when you die, you are reborn a few years later. The people of this world live hundreds of lifetimes. When I first started reading the book, I had so many questions. I would find my mind wandering from the pages into the world. What is it like to be born with knowledge? If you are going to be reborn, why not take risks? Never meeting someone new. Never being able to truly escape your past. 

Jodi Meadows did an amazing job creating this world and like all good dystopian novelists, breaking it. I don't know exactly what genre to place this book in besides Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Mythical beasts roam the world and are shot down with laser guns. There is also a utopia/dystopia aspect to it. 

This book definitely made up for its feminine violet with etched butterfly inside cover. Although I never got around to making a book cover, as Jodi Meadows herself, suggested, I didn't need to. I read this in less than six days. I read for hours at a time. This book was hard to put down. 

If you enjoy a book that opens your mind and makes you think, you will truly enjoy "Incarnate." 

If you HAVE read it (aka SPOILERS): There are so many good things about this book. I loved the way we were introduced to this complex world that has been the same for so long. The world is completely flipped at the arrival of a newsoul. The reader learns of the world through Ana's eyes. Each person in this world has their niche that they have perfected throughout their lifetimes. Where does Ana fit into this?

I really enjoyed how Meadows dealt with religion. I am intrigued how Jadan will be expanded on in the further novels. How did this world come to be? I loved the parts of the book where Sam talked of what he remembered from the beginning. 

The romance between Ana and Sam was just enough. It wasn't overpowering or forced. The dancing at the Masquerade Ball that led to the kiss was done so well. I liked that Meadows chose to have the two lovers, whom have been lovers throughout their many lives, both occupying female bodies. 

Music was dealt with beautifully in this novel, as well. I could almost hear the piano playing and Ana humming her own songs. 

Technology was dealt with nicely. I liked the iphone-like devices. 

The casual inclusion of mythical and newly created beasts was done well. They fit into the world. I hope we meet more beings in further books. I would love to see how the centaurs live. Do they reincarnate as well? The sylphs also have a mystery about them. I am intrigued as to whether they have a connection with the humans somehow. Maybe a shadow of past souls or something? 

I am very excited to get back into this world and not excited that I will have to wait until next year most likely. 

I give this novel a 5/5.

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