Friday, May 4, 2012

"Why are you hiding in this room all alone?"

My Pre-Reading

When I started this book, I really wasn't sure what to expect. A psychological thriller, of course. A lot to do with fears and curing them. I was expecting the unexpected though, and that's exactly what this book gave me. At the very end, it was a huge "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?" moment.

I really liked the way the fears were "cured" - I thought it was really interesting to see who was afraid of what, and why. And I also really enjoyed the Masque of the Red Death tie-in. I thought it gave the whole novel an interesting twist, especially with how it ends. Because Rainsford - what in the world is up with that guy? I'm hoping Carman delves deeper into his character in the next book. Mrs. Goring too. I really want to know more about her past, and why she even has the association with Rainsford that she does. Especially knowing how and why he cures the teenagers.

Although I initially found Will to be a very strange character (since his fear is not revealed until about halfway through the book), I actually found myself liking and even feeling sorry for him by the time it comes for him to be cured. Especially after finding out why he fears what he does. I really liked the way that Carman had that happen, especially since Will spends most of the novel hidden away in a room by himself watching and listening to the other kids.

I'm pretty excited to read the next novel in the series, since I think that the "new and improved" Will Besting will be a very interesting character. Having him finally able to live without being crippled by his (not so ir)rational fear will bring out quite a lot in him that I think was lacking in this installment.

Overall, I think I would give this book a 3/5. Not exceptional, but definitely intriguing and interesting enough to keep my attention long enough for me to finish it in one sitting. I'd probably recommend it to someone who was a fan of mysteries, with a little bit of the fantastical and the thriller thrown in. Also, to someone with a very open mind. You have to be pretty accepting of some weird things to have this book work for you.


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