Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Selection Review by Paul

There has been a lot of hype over this book. There's even a pilot that may still become a series on The CW. Kiera Cass is one of many YA authors that promotes well, using her own blog, twitter, and youtube. If you aren't following her on twitter, look up @kieracass.

I enjoyed this book. I read it very quickly, possibly within two sittings. I really like the world Cass has created and the way she explains the details of this world. There isn't any awkward in characteristic blabber or inner dialogue about the history. The castes are explained just enough. There is just enough halfway through the book. By then, I was well invested in the characters and their world. The history was more interesting than if it had been in a prologue. I hope to learn more about the history in the sequel, as well as the rebels.

I enjoyed following America's journey. Her friendship with and possible affection for Maxon grew naturally. She didn't act like many of the other girls, after fame or riches. She initially just wanted to stay in the Selection so her parents could eat.

I do not like Aspen. Cass wrote him well to be just out of the reach of likable, especially during their break up when he wanted to be the provider. I thought this book had the potential to be just another YA love triangle, but America's romantic interests were dealt with nicely.

The Selection
, although not The Hunger Games in terms of reality television was still not The Bachelor. Cass did well integrating some of the common reality tv personalities and cliches into the selected girls.

Lastly, I liked the use of music. America made money by singing and playing instruments. I like when YA authors integrate music, like how Jodi Meadows did in

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. There wasn't as much tension at the end of this novel as I would have hoped for, but I'm looking forward to the sequel. I give this book a 4/5.


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