Saturday, May 26, 2012

Paul's Review of Bitterblue

Title: Bitterblue
Author: Kristin Cashore
Publication Year: 2012

It has been a while since I read Graceling and Fire. I really liked them. Cashore created a very interesting world with even more interesting people. Her writing is beautiful. In Bitterblue, her writing was even better.

It was evident that Cashore took her time in making this novel. I enjoyed reading from Bitterblue's perspective more than both Katsa and Fire's.

This was a completely different book. Many sequels today in series, like Hunger Games and Harry Potter, have a very similar formula from book to book. Bitterblue had a completely different structure than Graceling. The whole story took place within one city! Most of the action occurred offscreen.

Since Katsa was in this novel, it was really interesting to see her through Bitterblue's eyes. She didn't seem as rash when the narrative was from her perspective.

Bitterblue really brought together Graceling and Fire. It bridged the two worlds on each side of the mountains.

Every single character had depth. I especially enjoyed the characters brought back from Graceling. I liked all the new characters too. So many new and really interesting graces were introduced. Also, I think Cashore portrays same sex relationships very well.

The messages in this novel are endless. It really brings up thoughts and discussions of morality and how to rule. King Leck left lasting scars on his people.

I LOVED this book! I think it is the best of the three. I want more! Bitterblue works excellently as both a sequel and companion novel. In a sequel I want to see the same maybe Saf or Skye exploring The Dells. This novel definitely gets a 5/5.


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