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The Archived by Victoria Schwab - Paul's Review

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Title: The Archived
Author: Victoria Schwab
Year Published: 2013

The Archived Pre Reading

Review: First I have to say that Victoria Schwab is an excellent writer. Her writing style really flows well and truly conveys the emotions she wishes to show. There are other Young Adult Supernatural Hunter kind of books out there and they have nothing on Schwab's writing. 

I must have not paid enough attention in my research and prep for reading this book because I was surprised to find it set in the real world. I don't know why I was expecting a fantasy land. The only difference between this world and ours is that when you die, a Historie of you is left in an otherworldy library. Well I guess that could be our real world and we just don't even know it. I like when worlds like this are created, but I find the creator must be careful to make it seem like it really could be the real world and we just aren't clued in. Other media that has done this well include the Men in Black movies, Monster's Inc., the Disney tv show, So Weird, from the late 90's, and the YA Paranormalcy series by Kiersten White. It also has similarities to Kendare Blake's YA book, Anna Dressed in Blood.

One part of this book that I thought really fit well and made the story was the Da stories. Mackenzie Bishop's grandfather has passed away when the novel begins, but he was a big part of her life and interactions between the two of them are sprinkled throughout the novel. I like how Schwab used a different font for them and they were always relevant to the main storyline. 

Schwab does an excellent job at creating realistic relationships. The family dynamics of the Bishop household are very broke and real. The interactions between Machenzie's new and old friends as well as the other residents of the former hotel are done well. 

Schwab did an excellent job of world building and writing. Her beautiful writing style created such a believable world with her descriptions of the supernatural locations. I give this novel a 4/5 and I look forward to reading more from Schwab. 


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