Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Paul's Review of Paranormalcy

Pre Reading

This makes two books in a row that I don't like their covers. I don't think this cover portrays the feel of the book. I feel that this cover is so similar to so many other paranormal romance novels out there. A romance does come into play in this novel, but there's so much more. 

I was really surprised by this novel. I wouldn't have picked it up just from the synopsis had I not received the third in the series free. I ended up really enjoying it. The story takes place in our world, except there is an organization (the IPCA) that internationally takes care of any Paranormal problems. It is like a paranormal Men In Black, except the protagonist is a 16 year old girl with the ability to see through the Paranormals' glamour to their true selves. This book reminded me of an old tv series on the Disney Channel when I was growing up, So Weird. Each week the teenage Fiona would come across some crazy paranormal being while traveling the world on a tour bus with her mother's band. 

White put an interesting spin on a lot of the well known paranormals. For example, the fairies don't have wings and are so creepy. I liked the use of bread and iron as deterrents as well.

At times I thought the teen angst overpowered pressing situations. Although, it may be understandable considering how much Evie wants to be just a normal teenage girl in high school with a boyfriend and an awesome locker. 

Each character in this novel was well written. They all had their own subtleties. One character has very descriptive sighs. A mermaid's translator turns all curse words to bleeps. Evie is completely obsessed with a popular teen drama. Another character sketches well. 

Overall, I enjoyed this book and will continue reading the series. I give this book a 4/5. I recommend it to anyone interested in paranormal beings with a bit of teen girl drama. It reminds me of the Wake series by Lisa McMann.


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