Monday, August 27, 2012

Paul's Supernaturally Review

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Paranormalcy Review

This series continues to surprise me. I may have to reconsider judging some books by their covers. Personally, I think the cover doesn't match the story, but maybe other YA books with teen models aren't all about the romance. I really enjoyed this sequel.

The biggest disappointment I have with this book is that it wrapped up the ending, for the most part. I wish it would have ended a few chapters before it did. I actually wanted a cliffhanger ending. This trilogy seems more like a series with an undetermined about of books than a trilogy. I don't know if that was Kiersten White's intentions or not.

The new character of Jack was annoying, but I'm pretty sure that was White's intentions. It was unfortunate that Jack helped revert Evie to her more teen angsty ways.

My favorite part of this series is White's take on so many different paranormal beings. I really enjoyed the backstory of how vampires came to be. The world that I so enjoyed in Paranormalcy is even deeper in this sequel. The Faerie Realm was really interesting. The imagery was amazing. I like that each book introduces more paranormals and more information about paranormals already introduced.

I liked that Lend is pursuing a college degree in zoology with the intentions of studying cryptozoology. I was a little confused as to why or how he was taking vertebrate biology as a freshmen. I don't know about other universities, but in my college Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy was a higher level course.

I give this novel a 4/5. This series is a fun easy read in a really interesting world of paranormal beings.

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