Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paul's The Forsaken Review

Pre Reading

First, I am glad I have the US cover. I like it so much more than the UK cover, which you can see to the left. 

I really enjoyed this book! It was a wonderful dystopian YA novel. It had so many bits from the many other dystopian YA out there now. If this book had come out two years ago, I would have been so amazed by it. One series that I think it has a lot of similarities in feel to is the Maze Runner series. Now, my big qualm with the Maze Runner series was that it didn't seem real enough. The science just didn't convince me. In The Forsaken, this was not a problem. Stasse creates a world that, I think, could actually exist. There is just enough explanation of the science and politics to get by.

Alenna is an excellent example of a female protagonist in a dystopian world. She rises to the obstacles that are presented to her and tries to find answers. The inhabitants of The Wheel are are so unique. One of my favorite storylines involved the godlike leader of a rival group on The Wheel. Masks always make villians more interesting. 

If you enjoy dystopian YA, this is a must read! I give this novel a 5/5!

I will definitely be picking up the sequel!


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