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Star Wars: Legacy II, Vol. 1: Prisoner of the Floating World - Paul's REVIEW

*I received this book as an eARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

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Title: Star Wars: Legacy II, Vol. 1: Prisoner of the Floating World
Author:  Corinna Sara Bechko

Illustrator: Gabriel Hardman
Year Published: 2013

Synopsis: Ania Solo is just a girl trying to make her way in the galaxy—and have a little adventure along the way! But when she stumbles upon a broken communications droid and a missing lightsaber, a little adventure turns into a whole lot of trouble . . . for Ania and her friends! Collects Star Wars: Legacy #1–#5—Prisoner of the Floating World.


Review: I really enjoyed the first series of Star Wars: Legacy. Like many of the current Star Wars comics, it kept that Star Wars feel but with new characters in a completely new time period. 

This second volume of Star Wars Legacy leaves the Luke Skywalker lineage and picks up on his twin sister's descendant, Ania Solo. I liked how Ana had some Solo traits in her. I also really liked her companions, an assassin droid and a passive Mon Calamari engineer.

There is a new villain that wants to take advantage if the newly established galactic government. Since this is just the start of the series, many interesting things are set into play.

Although this Legacy series has a different team behind it than the first one, it has potential. This first book doesn't feel as epic as the other Legacy series , but I'm excited to see where it goes. The artwork is very nice with colors that remind me of the original Star Wars trilogy. 

I am interested to see where this series will go. It definitely has potential. I want to see how epic Ania Solo's story can be. I give this graphic novel a 4/5.


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