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Legend of the Jamaican Dragon by Rashaun Smith - Ashley's Review

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Title: Legend of the Jamaican Dragon
Author: Rashaun Smith
Publication Date: September 10, 2013

Synopsis: All is not well in paradise; threatened by an unforeseen evil thought irreversibly banished for what would have amounted to forever, one must now rise and overcome to protect what is precious. Can the land be saved? With the death of their leader, who will save them now? 

Witness what history has withheld from its books - a short story worth the read - Legend Of The Jamaican Dragon!


Review: I love dragons. I love reading pretty much anything to do with dragons, because I think there's just so much you can do with such a popular mythological creature. So when I was introduced to The Legend of the Jamaican Dragon, I knew I would have to read this story. And I was not disappointed!

The Legend of the Jamaican Dragon is a very short story (only about 28 pages) that tells the story of how an island nation is facing great evil and must be saved by the one remaining creature who can fight off the darkness. I really enjoyed seeing the little dragon grow from a baby into something greater, and seeing the unnamed Baby Dragon do something great for the people on his island.

The artwork is really interesting too. It's black and white and reminded me quite a bit of the style found in the manga I've read. It gets the story across and Rashaun is definitely a very talented artist. I think it might have been a little better if the artwork had been sharper and more defined, especially in the battle scenes, or if this comic had been in color. It's still really good and has a lot of potential, but I think there's still some room for improvement.

I really enjoyed this story - it's a nice little fantasy story about the origin of Jamaica, and I think it would be really great for a younger audience. It's not too intense during the battle scenes, and I think younger fans who like dragons would love this. Even older dragon fans would probably enjoy this comic too! I definitely did, and can't wait to see what Rashaun has in store for the future. 4/5!


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