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Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer Complete Edition (graphic novel) - Paul's Review

*I received this book as an eARC from Diamond Book Distributors and Top Shelf Productions on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

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Title: Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer Complete Edition
Author: Van Jensen
Illustrator:  Dusty Higgins
Year Published: 2014

Synopsis: This puppet may not be a real boy... but he just might be a real hero! When bloodthirsty monsters invade Pinocchio's hometown and kill his father, Geppetto, Pinocchio discovers a new benefit to his magical nose: telling lies produces a never-ending supply of wooden stakes to combat the vampire hordes! Will Pinocchio be able to defeat these horrors, avenge his father, and save his friends? Now, for the first time, the complete trilogy is collected together in a single deluxe softcover edition. Jensen (Green Lantern Corps) and Higgins (Knights of the Living Dead) present a captivating blend of comedy, horror, romance, and adventure, rooted in the original Italian novel, but brought - as if by magic - to new life.



**Only a partial of the Complete Edition was provided, this review is based on about 50% of the Complete Edition**

I am not very familiar with the original Pinocchio story. I have seen and read many interpretations of it, but I have never gone back to the source. Thankfully, this graphic novel has a short retelling of the traditional tale at the very start of the book. Pinocchio fans can refamiliarize themselves with the tale while casual readers can learn a little more about where this wooden boy came from. There is also a wonderful foreword in this edition. I admit, I sometimes browse through forewords without really reading them, but this one is worth it to read. 

The artwork is very unique. it is black and white and reminds me of wood carvings. It fits the mood of the story perfectly. 

This graphic novel has some darker themes and added humor. If you, like me, are a fan of children's tales retold for adults you will enjoy this. If you are more familiar than I was with the Pinocchio tale, I think you will enjoy this even more. There were many characters I was unfamiliar with. 

I was provided only half of this Complete Edition, so I read probably about halfway into the second volume if you are reading the earlier released graphic novels. I give what I read a 3/5 and highly recommend it to Pinocchio fans. 


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