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Inked by Eric Smith - Paul's Review

*I received this book from Bloomsbury USA Children's Books as an eARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

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Title: Inked

Author: Eric Smith

Recent Release Date: January 20, 2015

Synopsis: Tattoos once were an act of rebellion. 

Now they decide your destiny the moment the magical Ink settles under your skin. 

And in a world where Ink controls your fate, Caenum can't escape soon enough. He is ready to run from his family, and his best friend Dreya, and the home he has known, just to have a chance at a choice. 

But when he upsets the very Scribe scheduled to give him his Ink on his eighteenth birthday, he unwittingly sets in motion a series of events that sends the corrupt, magic-fearing government, The Citadel, after him and those he loves. 

Now Caenum, Dreya, and their reluctant companion Kenzi must find their way to the Sanctuary, a secret town where those with the gift of magic are safe. Along the way, they learn the truth behind Ink, its dark origins, and why they are the only ones who can stop the Citadel.

Eric Smith takes you on a high-octane fantasy adventure, perfect for anyone who has dreamed of being different… only to discover that fate is more than skin deep. 


Review: The imagery in this book is so cool. People are given tattoos when they turn a certain age. These tattoos determine their profession. If that isn't cool enough, the tattoos aren't just any old normal tattoos. They move. They glide across the skin and contort to the person's emotions, movements, or different things like that. 

The main character is hesitantly about to get his tattoos when something goes wrong. The tattoos may be more nefarious than they seem. 

I really enjoyed the concepts in this story. In addition to the tattoos, there are also people called Conduits who have special powers, think Avatar or X-Men. Smith utilizes these powers in some pretty interesting ways. 

There is one thing that reminded me of The Dark Crystal with the skekSis drawing life force from the Gelfings. 

Although I found the beginning very interesting, as the book progressed the story began to follow a predictable path. I also thought the protagonist was dull. I enjoyed some of the more minor characters more. 

I could see this first book being the first arc or first season in either a comic or tv series. The visuals of this story would be captivating. 

Overall I found this book entertaining with very cool concepts, but with a story that didn't quite have me on the edge of my seat. I give this a 3.75/5, just short of a 4. If you like fantasy coming of age stories with X-men like powers, you will enjoy this. 


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