Thursday, October 11, 2012

Paul's Band Fags! Pre Reading

Title: Band Fags!
Author: Frank Anthony Polito
Year Published: 2008

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Polito's debut novel is a funny, exhilarating coming-of-age story filled with biting wit and pitch-perfect observations, as two best friends discover they have more in common than being in the band.

Why?:  I picked up this book right after reading Geography Club. I was in the mood for some more coming-of-age high school outsider fiction. I also haven't played my trombone in a while and wanted to remember some good ole band geekery.

Expectations: I expect this novel to conquer some controversial topics. I am interested to see how they use the word "fag." I expect some fun band references.  

Judging a book by its cover: The cover has a band uniform with the title of the book. I have seen this on book store shelves and I have picked it up. It grabs my attention.


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