Saturday, October 13, 2012

Two and Twenty Dark Tales (Paul's Review pt.2)

This is my second post since there were quite a few stories in this collection. My third post and final overall review will be posted tomorrow.

Two and Twenty Dark Tales -- Part 1

I Come Bearing Souls:
This story finds Egyptian gods in the form of teenage kids living in a funeral home. I loved the way the ancient Egyptian mythology was connected to modern day. The feel of this story reminded me of Dead Like Me. I definitely could have read more about these characters. 4/5

The Lion and the Unicorn, Part the First:
I liked how this story took a real time in history. The witch hunts are brought up with a very interesting explanation. The main character hears voices from angels. This was a well written short story that left me aching for Part Two, which unfortunately wasn't in the eARC. I can't wait for this collection to be released so I can read the end of this story. 4/5

Life in a Shoe:
This story kept to the spirit of the original rhyme. It was interesting to see how this rhyme was placed into a dystopian future with forced children. The wall tv reminded me of the walls in Fahrenheit 451. 3/5

This was a very predictable story that held to its rhyme. Upset teenagers escape their "mom" mom using magic. Although predictable, I thought this story was nicely written. 3/5

One for Sorrow:
This story felt like Edgar Allen Poe turned into a paranormal romance. There were many things that happened in this story that I did not suspect. I am not a fan of insta-love and I thought there was a little too much of that. 2/5

Those Who Whisper:
This story was a nice one. It was interesting how the birds communicated. It was also interesting how this story showed nature providing. 3/5


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