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Saban's Go Go Power Rangers, Vol. 5 (comic) - Paul's REVIEW

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Saban's Go Go Power Rangers, Vol. 5
Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artists: Eleonora Carlini & Raul Angulo
Recent Release Date: December 10, 2019

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Synopsis: With the Green Power Coin in her possession. Rita Repulsa will turn to an unlikely ally to activate it! Meanwhile, the Power Rangers discover Zordon’s history has come back to haunt them!

With the Green Power Coin finally in her possession, Rita Repulsa must go into the darkest corners of her past to unlock its power. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers work to discover what exactly Rita will do next, but face an unlikely foe who has his origins in Zordon’s past. 

Written by Ryan Parrott (Star Trek: Manifest Destiny) and illustrated by Eleonora Carlini (Batgirl), discover the secret history the Power Rangers revealed for the first time!

Contains issues #17-20 of Saban's Go Go Power Rangers. 


Review: I continue to adore both of the ongoing Power Rangers series from BOOM! Studios. The Go Go series focuses more on the non-actiony things like teenage drama and backstories to iconic characters. Rita's past is a big part of this volume. We meet Rita's mother and learn that she knew Zordon. Rita reminisces about her past as she tries to get the Dragon coin to work. 

The rangers are being affected by living a double life Zach's not doing well with his classes. The Jason and Trini relationship gets a little bumpy. Kim has to deal with her parents' divorce. 

Alpha-1 makes his debut in this volume. I'm looking forward to where he takes the main story. He has a complicated past and relationship with Zordon. I think we're going to get into the ethics of superhero-ing.

There are so many great references. Master Vile might be on his way. Tenga warriors are featured in a flashback. 

Not only the teenagers get drama to deal with this volume. Rita did not get along with her mother. And we learn more about Ernie's past and why he decided to open up a youth center. 

The artwork is excellent. The colors really capture the brightness of Power Rangers. That was one thing the 2017 film tried to get away from. I hope the upcoming film embraces the bright colors. This comic goes above and beyond the original series feel with the crispness of the colors and especially the zords. The zords get to do things in comics they would never have been able to do in 1990s live-action. 

This volume packs so much. I love it. This volume is a great setup for whatever Alpha-1 decides to do next volume. I give this volume a 5/5


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