Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Glow (Sky Chasers #1) by Amy Kathleen Ryan - Paul's REVIEW

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Title: Glow (Sky Chasers #1)
Author: Amy Kathleen Ryan
Year Published: 2011

Synopsis: What if you were bound for a new world, about to pledge your life to someone you'd been promised to since birth, and one unexpected violent attack made survival—not love—the issue?

Out in the murky nebula lurks an unseen enemy: the New Horizon. On its way to populate a distant planet in the wake of Earth's collapse, the ship's crew has been unable to conceive a generation to continue its mission. They need young girls desperately, or their zealous leader's efforts will fail. Onboard their sister ship, the Empyrean, the unsuspecting families don't know an attack is being mounted that could claim the most important among them...

Fifteen-year-old Waverly is part of the first generation to be successfully conceived in deep space; she was born on the Empyrean, and the large farming vessel is all she knows. Her concerns are those of any teenager—until Kieran Alden proposes to her. The handsome captain-to-be has everything Waverly could ever want in a husband, and with the pressure to start having children, everyone is sure he's the best choice. Except for Waverly, who wants more from life than marriage—and is secretly intrigued by the shy, darkly brilliant Seth.

But when the Empyrean faces sudden attack by their assumed allies, they quickly find out that the enemies aren't all from the outside.

Review: First, I must say that this novel is "dark". I heard a lot of other reviews mentioning this before I read it and I have to agree with them. This isn't a happy YA novel where everything just falls into place and things turn out chipper. At times, I was even frustrated while reading it. Now, whether that's a good thing or a bad thing I am unsure. It shows that I was emotionally invested in the story and characters. I think it also shows that Ryan is a great writer. 

This book deals with some subjects that are usually not dealt with in YA, especially not in this way. Religion is at the forefront of the plot. One spaceship is secular, while the other is religious. Over the course of me reading this novel, I felt certain parts were creeping the line of being preachy, but then the next chapter would cut down the viewpoint that was put on the pedestal. Even after having finished reading, I am unsure which way the author wants the reader to think. And I think that may have been her intention. I felt like I read into some scenes based on my own personal views and what I thought the author was trying to say. This novel definitely makes you think. 

Ryan's writing is very realistic. The situation the characters are in do not have easy solutions. The relationships and characters are all very complicated and rounded, with twists and turns. This made me frustrated at times while reading, because I couldn't figure out the way the characters were going to escape a situation. Like I already said, I think that's a sign of good writing. 

The world Ryan created is also very realistic. It isn't a space traveling universe where everything comes easy and technology is the answer to everything. It's a believable future. 

Overall, I feel conflicted about this novel. I think it is well written, but it deals with some serious subjects like religion. It definitely brings emotions out, but I think it will be a different reading experience depending on what personal views you bring in. I like a book where it is open for different interpretations. I give this novel a 4/5. I recommend this to someone looking for a book that will make them think and not an easy fun read. 



  1. Definitely going to check this out. Ive been looking for a book, that is set in space. Ever since I read Across the Universe and only liked it for the setting. And I love dark complex books. Sounds great, and Great review!

  2. Yeah, there aren't many space YA books out there right now. If you do end up reading it, let me know what you think.