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Stone of Tears (Sword of Truth #2) by Terry Goodkind - Ashley's Pre-Reading

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Title: Stone of Tears
Author: Terry Goodkind
Year Published: 1995

In Wizard's First Rule, Richard Cypher's world was turned upside down. Once a simple woods guide, Richard was forced to become the Seeker of Truth, to save the world from the vile dominance of Darken Rahl, the most viciously savage and powerful wizard the world had ever seen. He was joined on this epic quest by his beloved Kahlan, the only survivor among the Confessors, who brought a powerful but benevolent justice to the land before Rahl's evil scourge. Aided by Zedd, the last of the wizards who opposed Rahl, they were able to cast him into the underworld, saving the world from the living hell of life under Rahl.

But the veil to the underworld has been torn, and Rahl, from beyond the veil, begins to summon a sinister power more dreadful than any he has wielded before. Horrifying creatures escape through the torn veil, wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting world above.

If Rahl isn't stopped, he will free the Keeper itself, an evil entity whose power is so vast and foul that once freed, it can never again be contained.

Richard and Kahlan must face Rahl and the Keeper's terrible minions. But first, Richard must endure the ministrations of the Sisters of the Light, or die from the pain of magic that is his birthright and his curse. While Richard undertakes the arduous journey to the forbidden city of the Sisters, Kahlan must embark upon a long and dangerous mission to Aydindril, citadel of the old wizards, where she hopes to find Zedd and the help only he can lend to their desperate cause.

War, suffering, torture, and deceit lie in their paths, and nothing will save them from a destiny of violent death, unless their courage and faith are joined with luck and they find the elusive...Stone of Tears.

 I read the first book (and the prequel book) in this series, and watched the TV show based on the books, and really enjoyed both. So, naturally, I was interested in seeing what happened next with Richard, Kahlan, and Zedd.

Expectations: I expect an epic fantasy, with more world building and character development. Plus, epic adventures, magic, a really evil bad guy (I mean, he's the Keeper of the dead. He's got to be pretty bad, right?), and lots of fantastical creatures. I really love all of the detail Goodkind put into the creatures and the world in Wizard's First Rule and Debt of Bones, and I'm sure he won't disappoint in Stone of Tears.

Judging a book by its cover: The cover is kind of like every other epic fantasy cover... It's not really anything special. I probably wouldn't pick it up if I saw it on a bookshelf, because I don't really think it would stand out from all of the other books around it. Which is really unfortunate.


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