Friday, April 12, 2013

Lantern and Poison (The Ferryman + the Flame #1.5) by Rhiannon Paille - Ashley's Review

Title: Lantern & Poison
Author: Rhiannon Paille
Year Published: 2012

Synopsis: This is Surrender from the villain's POV.

Hadwen is no more. The Daed have no choice but to travel to Avrigost to awaken Crestaos. They're thrown into a whirlwind quest for the Flames, not knowing how ruthless and sadistic Crestaos can be.


I'm not going to lie, Surrender was not really on the top of my list of books that I've read in the past few months. It was just too much romance for me, and not enough epic adventure and magic and all of the good things like that. But when I heard this novella was released and was Surrender from the villain's perspective, I had to have it.

Although the writing in this story is very choppy and sometimes hard to follow, I like it more than Surrender. It was darker, and it made me more anxious than Surrender did. Which is kind of what I was expecting from the first book. And we were also given more background on the Flames, and who and what they are. Some things still aren't really explained (like why the Daed are using a lantern to travel to the different worlds, and why only one of them knows how to work it properly), and I still don't know why Crestaos was awakened in the first place, when it seems like none of the Daed even want him there.

But we're getting there, I think. I hope. Also, if these sections had been in Surrender, I don't think they would have worked as well as they do as a separate entity. Although I wasn't a huge fan, the story flowed nicely in Surrender and the villain's point of view would really have messed that up. 

After reading this story, I'm actually looking forward to the rest of the series. From what I hear, they're a lot darker and more of my speed. I would give this a 3/5, and recommend it to anyone who read Surrender and wants a little more information from the other side. Without as much romance. 


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