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Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles #2) by Marissa Meyer - Ashley's Review

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Cinder was my absolute favorite book of 2012, and I think Scarlet is in the running to be my favorite of 2013. I absolutely love how Meyer takes the different classic fairy tales an intertwines them in such a way that you would never really know they didn't belong together. I think the way in which the two girls are connected was brilliant, although I was really glad they didn't meet until the very end. It made it way more interesting, especially when one character learns something that you really want the other one to know. 

Instead of having just one perspective, like Cinder, this one has about two and a half. You get to see what's happening with Cinder, Scarlet, and every so often you get to hear from Prince Kai. The Prince Kai sections are completely heart-breaking, since he's still struggling with being in love with Cinder since she lied to him about being a cyborg and about being a Lunar. And even though you know that she didn't know about being Lunar, he doesn't know that she just found out. 

I also really loved how Meyer took the world she created in Cinder and expanded it so much further. Now, instead of just the Eastern Commonwealth, we get to learn how Europe is handling the future. And it makes me want to learn more about the rest of the world. I really want Cinder and Scarlet to head to Africa and meet up with Dr. Erland. I think he's got a lot of information that Cinder and Scarlet need to hear, and I'm anxious to learn more about what he knows as well. 

One of my favorite parts of this book was how, even though I knew from the first book that Cinder is the missing Lunar princess, I sometimes doubted if it was true. If I hadn't known, I would definitely be having a mental battle over whether Cinder or Scarlet was the princess. I think there's a strong case for both, except that Cinder has the whole being rescued from a near death experience thing going for her. 

I could go on and on about this book, but I think you should all just read it for yourselves. I would also LOVE to see this series become a movie series, especially if it was directed by someone who knows how to handle an ensemble cast (like Joss Whedon!). I would definitely recommend Scarlet to anyone who has read Cinder, and also to anyone who enjoys fairy tale retellings. Especially ones with sci-fi and fantasy overtones. Actually, I think everyone should read this series because I think there's something in it for everyone. A 5/5 for sure! I wish I could rate it higher.


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