Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Unwanteds

I finished this a few days, if not a week, ago and am just getting around to writing on it. I need to get some blue back on the homepage. Hopefully I remember enough about it to give an accurate review.

Pre Reading

Soon, I want to implement a rating system for my reviews, but for now I will just write about my thoughts and opinions. I enjoyed this book, but did not enjoy that it was praised as "The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter". There were similarities, but it constantly had me comparing two of my favorite series to this one book. If this one book had been separated into a series with the ending present, I think it would have had more impact. The characters were not developed enough. There was so much potential and I unfortunately think it fell short.

This is a middle grade level book. It sure reads like it. It is my opinion that even if a story is written for a younger audience, the plot and character development can still be there. There were so many bells and whistles and not enough subtle character attributes. 

Ashley, in doing research for her reading this I can only assume, let me know that there is a sequel in the works. I, of course, will read it but I believe this could have been a standalone. 

The current trend, or possibly the always trend, is making new things from parts of things that were popular. The vampire trend epitomized this and now this dystopian and magic trend continues. I enjoy reading/listening to/watching/using any of my senses on things I have never read/listened to/watched/used any of my senses on before, not combinations of things I already enjoy. Make it unique.  I watched the new series Terra Nova and it does just the same. A combination of Jurassic Park, Avatar, and so many others.

In conclusion, I actually did enjoy this novel but I expected more from what it could have been. I'm not sure what my rating system will be; maybe I will start it in October, but I would give this novel a 3/5.


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