Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Time passes... It must pass."

I'm a failure at blogging. I finished Across the Universe like 2 weeks ago and still haven't posted about it. And read three more books and started a fourth in that time that I haven't even thought about blogging for. I might as well get started though... Otherwise it will never get done.

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Like Paul, I really like the way the book was written, going back and forth between Amy & Elder. Especially when they were in two different places on the ship and learning the same information from a different source. I like that Amy and Elder are different from everyone on the ship, and have individual thought. Even if it is the "third cause of dischord."

I did not like Eldest at all. I thought he was pushy, overbearing, two-faced, and manipulative. I know he's supposed to be like that, but it seems like anyone who could even barely think for themselves should be able to see how terrible a leader Eldest is. I mean, seriously, he needs to drug the water to make sure people obey him. 

I definitely did NOT see it coming that Eldest/Elder/all of the Eldests and Elders before were just clones of each other. I figured maybe Elder's parents died or just gave him away so he wouldn't know them or something... but the cloning thing does make sense. Even though they wouldn't have the same leadership skills or thought processes, that can (apparently) be fixed before he's born with a simple shot. Although it obviously didn't work for Elder. I think it's the whole "Nurture vs. Nature" argument at work here, to a certain extent.

It also explains why Elder couldn't figure out who was unplugging the cryos, since the "dead" Elder had the same exact DNA. And why the screens always say "Eldest/Elder" even though they're DNA scanners. Totally should have picked up on all those hints... my bad haha.

I like that Elder helps defeat Eldest because he doesn't believe in what Eldest is trying to do, but I also like that he didn't just take Orion's side either. Although shoving him in a cryo freezer just so he wouldn't tell Amy who really unplugged her was a little extreme I think. And yet if he hadn't, Orion would have the whole ship in a total uproar and everyone would probably kill each other. I'm glad Elder did finally tell Amy that he was the one who unplugged her, and I think it speaks a lot for Amy's character that she wants to forgive him even though she was upset about it. At least he told her the truth, unlike everyone else. Even her father.

Who didn't think Amy was actually going to go with them. I liked that he gave her the choice even though her mother didn't want her to have it. And that Amy chose to go with them. Even though it didn't really matter in the end, at least it seems, because she won't be alive when they're woken up. 

Overall, I enjoyed the book, and the issues that were dealt with. I thought it had a nice ending, and could have been a standalone book... Even though apparently standalone books are a thing of the past and trilogies are the new cool thing to do. I'll probably read the sequel when it comes out and Paul buys it though, so I guess that's saying something. 

And now, on to writing more blogs! 

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