Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Godspeed is not only the name of the starship in Revis's Across the Universe, but also an accurate descritption of my monthly reading progress this month compared to last.

This is my midway through the book post. I am currently on page 214 of 398.

Continuing reading if you have read up to here:

I am really enjoying this novel. I like the alternating points of view of Amy and Elder. They both are different from everyone else and think differently. The ship itself is well thought out. I'm interested in the Plague. Was it a disease that ravaged the population? Or possibly something more man made? The Eldest system overhaul seems like it was a move to control. Were the people monoethnic before the Plague?

Who is the mysterious killer? Or saboteur? I'm thinking it has something to do with the last Elder. We have no idea how he died or if his death was finite. He may be hidden somewhere. He may have also had followers or reprogrammed the ship to do something at a certain time. I do not like Eldest. I think his intentions are good, but he admires Hitler so that's pretty self explanatory. What's up with Orion? I think I like him, but there's something up there. I had an inkling early on that he is the old Elder, but I don't think that's true. Maybe he was a sympathizer? 

Well, I'm off to continue reading. I may not have work for the rest of the summer...unrealiable mechanics...but it seems I will have plenty of reading time before school starts. If i procrastinate some cleaning and other responsibilities that is.


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