Thursday, August 4, 2011

& Baby Ducks

I wish there was a cute little baby duck symbol I could have included in the title.

I finished Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks last night! Here are the previous posts about it, in case you missed them:
Love ♥
Peace ☮
Peace, Love, & Baby Ducks

I really, really enjoyed the conclusion of this novel. Although a few conflicts were raised, most of the ones brought up earlier in the book were solved. Standing up for Anna, Carly finally confronts her mother about making comments about Anna's weight. Anna confronts her fear of the high dive, and attempts to do it again in front of her coach and her gym class. Carly finally realizes that Anna actually looks up to her and envies her. She also realizes that Peyton is a terrible friend, and becomes good friends with the only black girl in the class, Vonzelle, because Vonzelle is not fake and plastic like most of the other girls at Holy Redeemer. Carly (finally) understands that Cole is a terrible person and a terrible boyfriend, and that Roger is really her "ironic love boodle." Carly and her dad even share a touching moment where they begin to understand each other.

This novel was a refreshing break from most other YA books. The realness of the situations and the emotions makes it appealing to any girl growing up with a younger (or older) sister, and who is dealing/dealt with the trials and tribulations of high school. It more than met my expectations, and I'm so glad that I decided to pick it up without knowing anything about it. A perfect summer read.

I really enjoyed the way that Myracle writes, and I would probably pick up another of her books if I ever come across them laying on some clearance table at some bookstore. Assuming, of course, they weren't about vampires or werewolves or any other supernatural creatures...


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